Transport Management System

Our Transport Management System is a supply chain solution software program made to assist companies to program, plan, execute and optimize shipping processes. In addition, you will be able to collect insight on the behaviour of your operations in order to trim down on additional costs and recover time on future shipments.

Transport Management System Features

Order Management

  • Order Creation (From Web and Mobile, Batch Upload, WMS, ERP Integration)
  • Order approval workflow
  • Machine assisted job creation (Orders, Outlets, Vehicles and Routes assignment)
  • Manual job creation
  • Job Modification (Orders, Outlets, Vehicles and Routes assignment)
  • Order Amendments
  • Multiple warehouse handling
  • Backhauling
  • Dispute Management

Route Optimization

  • Weight based and/or Volume based vehicle allocation
  • Mileage & cost based Route Optimization
  • Additional criteria based Route Optimization (Maximum cycle time, Maximum truck size for the outlet, Specific Unloading time for the outlet and fair distribution of the monthly delivery load)
  • Optimized Route view on the Map

Invoicing & Rate Management

  • Customer wise invoicing
  • Transporter wise invoicing/receipt
  • Vehicle wise billing details
  • Outlet wise cost calculation
  • Rate card (per km based, location-based and weight/volume based)
  • Penalty Handling
  • Demurrage charges
  • Driver incentive calculation

Monitoring & KPI reports

  • Loading status monitoring
  • Job monitoring (Dashboard and map views)
  • Order Monitoring
  • Capacity Utilization report
  • Per km cost report
  • Warehouse turnaround time report
  • Transporter level fleet monitoring (Dashboard and map views)
  • Job monitoring for customers (Dashboard and map views)

Access Control & Audit Trail

  • Role-based access controlling
  • Change Log
  • Audit trail for the transactions
  • AWS Cognito and Azure AD integration

Alerts and Notifications

  • Idle Alert (outside outlet)
  • Pickup location staytime exceed alert
  • Pickup location In/out alert
  • Driver Notifications

Driver App

  • Job notification
  • Pickup and delivery schedule
  • Navigation for the delivery schedule
  • Income report
  • App level messaging
  • Driver Profiling and rate card