Retail Distribution

Fulfilment expectations have evolved rapidly and drastically, same-day delivery has become the new exception. Alongside fast-shipping, your fulfilment network should be flexible enough to support truckload capabilities to be relevant in today’s competitive market. Let us assist your multiple transport modes within one platform that can save you time and money as you continue growing as a business.

Retail Distribution Challenges

 No visibility of the vehicle at any given time to make real-time operational decisions.

Our advanced vehicle tracking system will allow your fleet managers to access the real-time location of the vehicle.

Unable to track vehicle movement in real-time of the distribution fleets.

Our fleet management system provides access control to multiple fleets of vehicles (Sales, Operation, Distribution) with instant identification of certain vehicles and gives control of customer map data.

Experiencing difficulty in recognizing problems with previous fleet activities.

This enables you to see the movements of the selected vehicle within the date and time frame selected via the history playback option.

Inability to maintain track of fleet’s activities within a specific area.

Provides critical data and insights based on the driver behaviour within or out of specific geolocation, enhancing day-to-day operational planning and keeping operations streamlined.

Lack of ability to nurture vehicle fleets’ driving conditions with real-time diagnostics.

Our system allows you to schedule regular inspections for your distribution fleets and receive alerts when diagnostics are required to monitor the health and safety of your vehicles.

Absence of the option to view the planned routes and make location-based decisions.

 Have the ability to visualize the real-time locations of your distributors using various maps using Google Maps and Google Street View.

Unavailability of graphical data to make real-time operational decisions to enhance efficiency.

Our solution allows you to generate virtual geo boundaries helping your fleet manager to gain travel-specific insights via visualized data to improve fleet efficiency with real-time updates.

Failure to renew and maintain documents on time, according to government regulations.

This solution keeps you informed on any insurance and licensing renewals, etc. of your fleet, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Inability to monitor unauthorized fuel consumption and difficulty in reducing fuel costs.

Our solution is built with an accurate fuel monitoring system, allowing you to minimize fuel expenses and prevent fuel thefts which gives you the opportunity to reduce overhead expenses within a short period of time.

Inability to obtain insights on fleet activity to boost productivity.

Our sophisticated reporting provides flexible information to enhance decision-making through custom reports such as daily summary reports, trip reports, idle reports, and high-speed reports according to your company-specific requirements.

Delays in the inflow of information due to lack of visibility on fleet maintenance and driver behaviour.

Built with the capability of notifying the fleet manager via alerts whether the delivery fleets are in or near the geofenced route to minimize the risk of theft or misplacements and notifying in real-time whether the maintenance of delivery fleets is overdue to reduce the risks of any breakdowns or replacements.

Inconvenience and less efficiency when creating delivery orders manually.

The operator has two options for creating orders: bulk orders that are supplied in crates and single or multiple item orders that are delivered as order items. They can quickly and effectively upload a list of bulk or item-based orders to the system via the web application.

Incapable of recommending an optimal route planning.

Our route optimization supports cost-based retail delivery routes determining the most optimized mileage and allocating your fleet according to the weight or volume with other additional route-based features such as Maximum cycle time, Maximum truck size for the outlet, Specific Unloading time for the outlet, and fair distribution of the monthly delivery load.

 Unable to monitor the confirmation of the orders.

Our system features the ability to confirm orders after it is assigned to the delivery fleet in order to keep a track of the orders. Thus, the operators can reassign vehicles in any occurrence of current vehicle breakdowns, and trace vehicle movements to distribution centres via map views, minimizing errors and increasing efficiency without delays.

Lack of comprehensive insights into the completed orders.

Fleet managers can keep a record of insights based on the completed orders of the allocated delivery fleets in detail after the order is validated.