MyCar is your personal, affordable & customizable plug & play device used for tracking vehicle information in real-time. By implementing a tracking solution recognize and resolve any discrepancies made by your automobile.

MyCar Features

Real-time vehicle tracking

Our solution provides the facility to track your vehicles remotely, gaining the proactive visibility of the vehicles’ movement, speed, ignition etc, in real-time to assist you in continuous location tracking conveniently.

History Playback

With historical playback, you can visualise vehicle activities including location, speed and status for selected vehicles which can be viewed through an interactive map to display relevant location data seamlessly.

Service centre

Our system is built with the ability to support you in maintaining a record of services that includes fuel records, vehicle repair, vehicle insurance, revenue licence, emission test, wheel alignment dates and other services.

Reminders for due dates

Allows you to receive immediate alerts on upcoming/scheduled vehicle maintenance or services ensuring vehicle health and safety of your vehicle.