Courier and Delivery Service

The Global Courier and Delivery Services industry has recently been facing a lot of revenue volatility. Industry players have to keep up with the constant pressures of “express delivery”, lower delivery density, higher average daily miles and increased average daily delivery stop, hindering their operating profits. Optimize fleet routes, enhanced speed, flexibility and accuracy of last-mile delivery by using our solutions.

Courier and Delivery Service Challenges

Lacks the ability to track the actual locations of your entire delivery fleet in real-time.

By integrating our solution into your fleet, your fleet managers will have the capability to observe the vehicles’ location in real-time.

Incapable of gaining real-time visibility of the vehicle’s movement for detailed insights of your fleet’s operation.

Trace the movement of your delivery fleets and make informed decisions based on the vehicle’s location.

Having difficulties in accessing the entire history of your vehicle fleet to interpret issues in the previous trips.

Focuses on displaying the movement of the selected vehicle within the date and time frame selected in order to avoid similar issues in the upcoming trips.

Experiencing issues in monitoring fleet operations within a predefined area.

Provides detailed information to track the movement of your fleets in and out of the specifically defined areas.

Inability to maintain the fleet’s driving conditions and reduce vehicle downtime with real-time diagnostics.

Monitor your vehicle’s health and safety by scheduling regular inspections for your delivery fleet and receive alerts when diagnostics are required.

Unavailability of map viewing for planned routes with location intelligent data.

Using Google Maps and Google Street View, you can view the real-time locations of your assets enabling a complete, robust, and effective workflow. 

Minimal access to view insights using graphical data to make real-time operational decisions.

Our advanced solution will give you access to detailed operations insights via dashboards with timely updates and create geofence in order to detect driver activities efficiently.

Unable to keep your regulatory documentation up to date to comply with Government regulations.

This solution allows you to stay up to date on your fleet’s maintenance, insurance, and license to ensure regulatory compliance.

Lack of ability to derive accurate and timely insights to streamline productivity.

Our advanced reporting capabilities assist managers to determine when and where the speed limit has been exceeded to strengthen safety and comply with the regulations and include other essential reports such as  Location-based operation performance reports, Driver and Assistant based performance reports (Working hours).

Inadequate visibility over the fleet maintenance and driver behaviour in real-time.

Built with the capability of notifying the fleet manager via alerts whether the delivery fleets are in or near the geofenced route to minimize the risk of theft or misplacements and notifying in real-time whether the maintenance of delivery fleets is overdue to reduce the risks of any breakdowns or replacements.

Complex process when creating delivery orders manually.

The operator has two options for creating orders: bulk orders that are supplied in crates and single or multiple item orders that are delivered as order items. They can quickly and effectively upload a list of bulk or item-based orders to the system via the web application.

Inefficiencies in determining the cost-effective route.

Route optimization is a key feature embedded in our solution that allows you to allocate your delivery fleet based on its weight or volume and have the capability to identify the most optimized mileage and cost-based routes to reduce inefficiencies, and continuously optimize operations in real-time.

Facing issues in monitoring the aggregate orders for complete optimization of the supply chain.

Keep a track of the orders by ensuring the confirmation of the job and after the allocation of the job to the delivery fleet. Further, have the option to reassign vehicles for any breakdowns of the current vehicles and to track the vehicle movements to an outlet via map views which will eliminate errors and enhance productivity without any delays.

Lack of comprehensive insights into the completed orders of the delivery fleets.

Fleet managers can keep a record of insights based on the completed jobs of the allocated delivery fleets in detail after job validation.