Construction and Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles are the backbone of the construction industry. These are assets that are used extensively at construction sites, hence, the rise in infrastructural growth, technological developments and rapid urbanisation have fueled the demand for heavy vehicle equipment and those who can operate it. Opportunities have arrived where decision-makers need to foresee the utilisation of heavy vehicles and adopt advanced analytics and business intelligence to assist fleet managers in making optimised decisions.

Construction and Heavy Vehicle Challenges

Lack of ability to locate fleet in order to make real-time operational decisions.

With the full visibility of your vehicles, you can locate all your fleets in real-time seamlessly.

Absence of the option to track the actual position of the construction fleet in real-time.

Trace the visibility of your vehicles and monitor driver behaviour efficiently while the fleets are active at the construction sites.

Having difficulty in keeping a track of time-based activities of the construction fleet.

The fleet manager can obtain greater visibility of the fleet trip history to understand the issues that emerged during the completed trips of your construction fleets via the history playback option.

Inability to monitor and manage the fleet of vehicles within a specific area.

With our advanced Geofencing feature, you can manage and monitor the movement of your construction fleets into and out of specific pre-defined areas.

 Inefficiencies in addressing safety issues to prevent future breakdowns.

Identify issues immediately and minimize wear and tear by scheduling routine checkups and receiving alerts when diagnostics are required.

Lack of ability to enhance decision-making in incident investigations.

With Google Maps and Google Street View, you can now view visualize the real-time locations of your heavy vehicle effortlessly.

Unavailability of graphical data to make real-time operational decisions.

Our advanced solution supports you to create geo boundaries for specific areas providing access to detailed operations insights via visualized data with timely updates and detecting driver activities.

Failure to renew and maintain documents in a timely manner, as required by law.

 This solution enables you to keep a track of your fleet’s maintenance, insurance, and license to ensure regulatory compliance.

Difficulty in monitoring excess fuel consumption and reducing expenses.

Allows you to reduce expenses through fuel monitoring of your construction fleets that control and optimize fuel expenses.

Inability to gain accurate and timely data for improved operational decision-making.

Our sophisticated reporting flexibility provides information to enhance decision-making through custom reports such as daily summary reports, trip reports, idle reports, and high-speed reports that are tailored to your specific company requirements.

Lack of visibility over the operational actions.

Built with the ability to immediately notify the fleet manager of any concerns or activities of the construction vehicles by providing alerts such as high-speed alerts, geofence exit alerts, and vehicle maintenance overdue alerts.