Fleet Management System

Our Fleet Management System allows you to process and collect essential information about the overall performance of your fleet at any given time period. Fleet Managers would be able to have real-time visibility into their operations and overlook key programs that would assist in eliminating instances of their supply chain inefficiencies.

Fleet Management System Features

Vehicle and Driver Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring, Movement tracking
  • History playback, Driver behaviour
  • Multiple sensory data (Temperature, Humidity, Door, PTO, RPM, Camera)
  • Location-based monitoring (Geofence)
  • Violation alerts (Speed limit, Route assignment violations
  • Unauthorized entry and exit, Unauthorized door openings
  • Excess idle time
  • Fuel siphoning
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Movement based on Driver ID)
  • Emergency incidental alerts (SOS, Accidents, Towing, Driving fatigue)
  • Two-way communication
  • Trailer tracking, Driver and Assistant allocation for vehicles (RFID)

Management of Fleets

  • Multiple fleets of vehicles (Marketing, Operation, Distribution)
  • Fleet-specific access control
  • Fleet-specific dashboard and alert configuration
  • Fleet-specific access control of customer map data

Supports Multiple Map Viewing

  • Helios maps (support and secure storage of customer-specific data)
  • Google maps
  • Google satellite view
  • Google street view

Customizable Operational Dashboard

  • Fleet monitoring
  • Geofence monitoring
  • Scheduled journey monitoring
  • Operations monitoring

Interactive analysis

  • High-speed event analysis
  • Idle and Parking incident analysis
  • Individual journey analysis
  • Fuel refill and removal analysis
  • Door open/close event analysis
  • Freezer, PTO on/off analysis
  • Loading/unloading event analysis

Vehicle Maintenance Module

  • Regular services
  • Services book (History)
  • Maintenance and repair history
  • License and insurance renewals
  • Customizable service, maintenance and repair types
  • Service and renewal alerts

Easy System Integration

  • ERP
  • WMS
  • Azure AD
  • AWS Cognito
  • Support multiple GPS hardware

Reports and Analysis

  • Vehicle Utilization analysis
  • Fuel Usage analysis Sensor data analysis (Temperature, Humidity, Door, PTO, RPM, Camera) Violation reports (Speed limit, Route assignment violations, Unauthorized entry and exit, Unauthorized door openings, Excess idle time)
  • Location-based operation performance reports (Location-based entry, exit and idle times, Mileage and fuel usage) Driver and Assistant based performance reports (Working hours)