Nimbus IoV Platform – Fuelling all Fleet Management Solutions

Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd provides unique solutions to business problems and scenarios, in the vehicle domain, presented by the client to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, enhance security, increase quality and customer satisfaction. We are a cloud-based, vehicle data driven, solutions provider for enterprises.

Hosted on Amazon EC2, Nimbus Venture solutions are driven by its device agnostic, world-class platform NimbusVConnect. The platform facilitates the incorporation of GPS devices and sensors from multiple suppliers, the integration of additional hardware solutions, and configurable and extensible products, to provide comprehensive solutions. Since its incorporation in 2011, Nimbus Venture has serviced the prime corporate sector in Sri Lanka, and firmly established itself as a provider of spatio-temporal data driven products and solutions.

Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd is licensed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka, with approval of the Ministry of Defense, to import and install GPS devices.


NimbusVconnect is a Cloud-based World Class Vehicle Data Platform hosted on Amazon EC2
NimbusVconnect is a Device Agnostic Platform
Nimbus Venture software is written by our own team of experts ensuring complete understanding of the product. This provides the means to configure and extend the core functionality of the system as necessary to meet the requirements of the client.
NimbusVConnect is a secure, API managed vehicle data platform capable of handling a wide variety and large quantity of data.
We have a set of well-defined procedures and teams trained, with extensive field experience, to work with operational crews and vehicle operators in an environment resistant to the installation of tracking devices.
Our devices are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, and our data driven solutions are applicable to a variety of business domains and enterprises.