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Nimbus Venture (Pvt) Ltd is a cloud-based vehicle data-driven solutions provider for enterprises. The NimbusVConnect, the vehicle data platform on the cloud, enables solutions to business problems and scenarios, in the vehicle domain, to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, enhance security, increase product quality and customer satisfaction. The company has been in the industry for more than eight years and now it is a member of the MG Group of Companies.

Nimbus Venture has a license issued by The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, with the approval of the Ministry of Defence to import, sell, maintain, and repair GPS devices and to offer services in respect thereof. The core technology platform, NimbusVConnect, is a device-agnostic real-time vehicle data provider where GPS or any other compatible IoT devices and sensors can be connected to retrieve sensor data into software applications. NimbusHelios is a transport solution platform which runs on NimbusVConnect primarily addressing real-time demand and supply fulfilment with services to address various vehicle routing problems (VRP).

How We Add Value

We engage by observing, adopting, and learning through a structured but flexible process of applying the knowledge into resolving real-world problems.

Our engagement model encompasses a structured support structure with comprehensive technical and customer contact support, this model saves cost, improves efficiency, and increases customer satisfaction. Furthermore, this deployment model ensures the technology platform enables disruptive business initiatives.

Customer Support

We provide our customers with first-level support through a contact center and the secondary level support is provided through direct contact with the technical support and installation partner network.

We will also provide an additional layer of critical management oversight, operational backup via our own fleet monitoring team in order to ensure that rigorous processes are executed and customer queries are addressed.

Our Products

Nimbus Venture has conceptualized and developed a stack of innovative solutions to meet the business process digitalization requirements in the telematics domain. Our proprietary products and solutions are developed in line with industry best practices and business acumen for each product.



The Fleet Management System is a comprehensive vehicle tracking and fleet management solution offered Software as a Service (SaaS).

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The Transport Management System is a comprehensive transport management solution offered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

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My Car

MyCar is a simple and affordable product for the car owner, enabling monitoring of the vehicle throughout the day providing key information instantly.

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TravelSmart is a customizable solution which provides safety, flexible, dynamic commuting for people or assets with added in workforce planning and scheduling features.

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“Nimbus Taxi Hailing” solution provides for a mobile application for service providers and commuters to avail of a “taxi” service of their choice, whilst providing the capability to facilitate internal management processes for the business owners through a web based solution.

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  • Real-Time vehicle tracking (Location, Fleet Status Dashboard, Movement tracking
  • Fuel sensing, door sensing, temperature sensing, freezer on/off integration, and camera integration
  • History Playback
  • GeoFence Monitoring
  • SOS
  • Reports and Alerts (Trip reports, Job summary, Fuel reports, Daily/ Weekly /Monthly reports, Temperature alerts, speed alerts, geofence alerts, etc.)


  • Real-time distribution status with map views
  • Order Management
    • Order creation
    • Scheduling of deliveries
    • Assigning vehicles
  • Optimise vehicle allocation
    • Cost optimisation
    • Route optimisation
    • Time bound delivery
  • Rate Management
  • Reports
    • Order Reports
    • Driver Reports
    • Cost Reports

My Car

  • Real-Time vehicle tracking (Location, Movement tracking, speed, ignition, etc.)
  • History playback
  • Service center (Fuel records, Repair details, Service records, etc.)
  • Reminders for due dates (Insurance, Revenue license, emission)


  • Customizable health compliances rules for safe commuting
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Real-time Employee/Asset ETA & location map
  • Effective workforce planning through employee availability visibility
  • Mileage & trip-trace reports

Nimbus Taxi Hailing

  • User Registration and Management
    • Driver Registration and Management
    • Vehicle Registration
  • Taxi Booking
    • Single
    • Multiple
  • Payments and Metering
    • Price Plan Specialisations
    • Cash / Card Transactions
  • Monitoring
    • Alerts & Emergency notifications
    • Live Tracking
  • Marketing
    • Promotions & Referrals
    • Campaign Management

Pricing Model

Our pricing model includes an outright purchase model where the customer purchases the device and pays a monthly or an annual service fee for the software.In the subscription model the customer places a refundable deposit and pays a monthly or an annual subscription fee for the service.The Nimbus technology platform can be licensed with annual support and maintenance if the business case requires an enterprise solution.

Nimbus IoT


SMART Taxi Meter

  • The first standardized National Measurement Laboratory approved cloud connected ‘Smart Taxi meter’
  • Pre-connected to the NimbusVConnect platform the Taxi Meter enables the taxi fleet owner to monitor in real-time the entire operation. In addition, the Smart Taxi Meter provides revenue data related to the taxi operation along with the standard GPS device data as well.

Nimbus GPS Devices

  • Nimbus GPS device is a locally designed and manufactured standardized GPS tracking device to meet regulatory and industry standards which delivers an enhanced service compared to all other imported devices with a competitive pricing model.

Current Product Range

  • Hardwired device for basic tracking with fuel monitoring
  • Hardwired device for Basic tracking
  • Plug and play device for Basic tracking

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